About The Artist



If you do not know the destination,

enjoy the journey in itselfs!

(The way of the Peaceful Worrier)

Hi, my name is Kenneth Wollenberg


I am 52 years old and I´m born in Odense Denmark and raised in Sønderborg. At the moment I live in Ballerup right outside Copenhagen.


I graduated as a "baker / pastry" Master and I also have a more theoretical education as forwarder agent.


In addition to painting, photography is also one of my interests but I'm still an amateur and some fine tuning is still needed. I will spare you for that...

Faith v/Courage

I started Galleri www.artwithheart.dk in 2013


I have been painting since my childhood, but in the past few years I have been more serious about it. Back in 2011 I got a disease that changed my life completely and I was granted disability pension.


In addition to painting I write poems and small everyday quotes in Englesk and Danish. I really enjoy sitting with a brush or pencil - For me this is pure therapy for my soul.




My canvas is

everything around me

My inspiration

For my paintings comes from all possible angles, both nature, the human body and architecture and structure.


I don´t want to make copies of the works of others just because a particular style is in vogue.

I choose to paint in my own style...

Cubistisk style

You can say that my style is cubistisk. I let the structure and forms control my pictures even if I paint the human body. The most important thing for me is to enjoy what I do and therefor I normally don´t paint on demand! But ask me anyway, since I´m open to challenges ...


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