How a picture is made

From Thought to Picture...


The way I create a picture may not be the easiest but that's the way I make my pictures.

So to give you an idea of the work behind a painting, I try to show the process from Ide' to finished picture.

I chose the picture "New Wave" as an example and I will make a little comment at each picture about the procedure.

I hope it gives you a better idea of the undergoing process and how much work lies in creating my pictures.

Lets get started...!!


The sketches are carried out either in pencil or charcoal.

It may take up to 3-4 hours, to make a sketch.


The colors are painted on, layer by layer


I have chosen all the color combinations and the picture and the picture looks almost done, but far from!!

Painting layer by layer
Color combination is found


The color choice happens  while in progress.

I adjust the colors as the picture takes shape.


The picture begins to take shape and I get an idea of what the next step should be.


Then there was just a small change and that gave the picture an extra dimention.

Making the chose of colors
The picture takes shape
Just a small change but it gave the picture an extra dimention


Now I paint the colors  over again just to create the sharp edge which is characterized in my pictures.


It's diffecult to see the small corrections the picture is undergoing but it creates the depth in the picture and that is what I like about it.


The last small adjustments and the picture is complete.

My main task is always to stop making small corrections.!

Creating the sharp edge
The picture is undergoing small corrections
The main task is to stop making small corrections


As the colors cover more and more of the picture the full result is visible.


Just another small adjustment.


The finished picture.

The process itself took 18 days!

But I ´m very happy with the result, and that's what counts...

The full result is almost visible
The finished picture . I´m very pleased