Kenneth Wollenberg

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All artists started as amateur

Without doors…

In a World without doors

We all are open hearted

We can hear the whispers

Of long gone memories

In love we stay together

In mind we keep the future

By hand tomorrow is formed

And in color we see the World

The wind will take our dreams

And make them come true

No one will be left behind

As we follow the truth

The breath of a whisper

Just a moment away

To keep our love inside

Is not holding back

The making of a thought

Is letting the mind play

Everything comes to live

And love will never die…

By Kenneth Wollenberg

The mind is like a beautiful pearl necklace, fragments of the past

gathered in one place

Text or Image

It´s my belief that one can paint a picture with lyric as well as with a brush.

I also write poems and thereby leaving my artistic side challenge my creativity ...

Hope the written word is appreciated as well as my pictures ..?

Love without reason

When Cancer becomes a part of life,

Then remember!

The beauty of her smile

Her shiny eyes

The touch of her mouth

Will always be the same

Her always open heart

The comfort of her sound

The loving touch of her hand

Will always be the same

The respect that´s surrounding her

Her never ending Energy

Her heart that´s never stoped giving

Will always be the same

Her strange true the process

Her hope for the future

Her never giving in

Will always be the same

She will always stay the same

When you stay the same!

By Kenneth Wollenberg


Copenhagen, Denmark

Titel: The silence of harmony 120 x 90 cm.
Titel: The Three Blind Mice,  120 x 90 cm.
Polar Bears in clay
Gertrud and Kaj in clay
Titel: Metallic Flower måler 100x100cm.


Latest Works

Sunwagon in clay, 55 x 29 x 16 cm.
Bison Bull in clay

Don´t limit



Titel: Color of my mind 100x100cm.
Titel: Absence of sound, 120 x 90 cm.
Kunstpunkt - Overflod Exhibition

About me,

I am self-taught and have no training in the world of art


But as a proverb says

 "Anyone can paint a picture,

the trick is to sell it"

All pictures starts with a line

With that thought,

I have worked on and managed to create interest for my paintings and the joy of sending my paintings into the Danish home´s is what makes the artist in me continues to play with colors and combinations.


The challenge is not the long way, but to take the first step !!

My website,

Presents my own paintings and show the joy of working with compositions, shapes and colors


◾ Mainly painted with acrylic colors

◾ My style is mainly Cubistisk

◾ The inspiration for my pictures is life around me

◾ My hope is to create joy and curiosity

◾ I also work with clay (Ceramic)